Orlando Pavers at Discount Prices

Quality pavers installed for affordable rates

Orlando Pavers provides quality pavers in a large variety of color and style options to fit your budget, area and property style.  We’ve installed hundreds of quality paver jobs from small backyard patios or pool areas to huge driveways jobs and combinations of pavers with pergolas, outdoor kitchens and fire pits.


Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers can be an outstanding addition to your front or back yard.  You can choose your colors, design and style of concrete paver to accommodate your particular style.  Need help designing an amazing paved patio area?  We are here to help!  Ask us about our custom design services to provide you with an amazing hardscaped patio area.  Add a fire pit, pergola and some beautiful patio furniture to kick off an amazing new paved patio.

Driveway Pavers

Driveway pavers tend to be a bit larger than other pavers to accommodate the heavy load of cars on the pavers.  A paved driveway can add gorgeous curb appeal to your house and extend straight to your front door, a paved walkway or any number of beautiful options to show off your new house and new hardscaped yard.  We can remove old concrete driveways and replace with new paved driveways.  We can often extend the new driveway to provide more room for the cars, provided that the yard has space for it.

Pool Pavers

Pool pavers can make an old, unattractive concrete pool look new again with a renewed sense of style and a beautiful color.  Pool pavers can be used with old or new construction and can bring your pool area to life.  Imagine the color and style that can be added to your pool area to create a spectacular, ageless look that is worlds apart from the old concrete pools.  Add a pergola or an outdoor kitchen to make the pool area the entertainment area for your friends and family.

Fire Pit Pavers

Fire pits are suddenly the rage at all of the home stores.  We’ve been building quality fire pits for years in Central Florida.  The climate here is perfect for fire pits in the yard for year round entertaining.  Why purchase a metal fire pit from a home store that will rust within a few years when you can have a custom brick firepit built to suit your style and colors?  Our firepits last for years and are absolutely stunning.