Custom Pool Pavers in Orlando

Customized pavers for a uniquely attractive look

Pool pavers can provide an old pool with an updated, attractive and vibrant look.  The pavers can be designed with a multitude of color and pattern options.  Pavers can be installed in new pool or older pools can be updated with pavers for a more modern look.

Paver stones come in hundreds of colors, styles, textures and patterns, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind look for your pool area.

Pool pavers can portray an authentically classy look, last for decades, and can easily be repaired if needed.

Pool pavers should be relatively easy to  clean while adding to the unique style of your home.  You need the assurance that the paving stones you choose for pool decks will look amazing for a very long time after your purchase.  You also want pavers that require minor to no maintenance, can stand up to the intense Florida heat and provide a return on investment.  Florida Pavers and Pergolas provides homeowners exactly what they want in an Orlando Paver Installer.  Expert design and installation at discount prices.


Why Choose Pavers Over Concrete?

Beauty – Pavers made of natural stone or hand made offer a very appealing look and provide many unique options.

Safety – Pavers have a texturized surface, which makes them very slip resistant.  Because pavers are not slick, they help to reduce the chances of falling on wet pool areas.  Concrete can become very slippery.  This gives pavers a huge advantage over concrete pools.

Longevity – Pool pavers can last for decades.  If one cracks, you can simply replace it with another one paver.  Concrete requires much more maintenance.